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Can we all just take a moment and look at this sexiness?

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itsbuddyholly whispered:Well, Presley... I'm gonna be a dad. *gives a half-grin* 

You are, are ya now? *Grins* That’s amazing news, Buddy; congratulations!

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Anonymous whispered:up for starting a thread with hi-its-Helen?? 

((Okie! ^-^ Should I make a starter?))

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*becomes tongue-tied at receiving such a compliment, beaming* Y-yeh’ loike’ the b-band? Wondaful’! G-glad yeh’ loike’ ‘em.

*Nods and smiles* Yeah, Led Zeppelin, they’re amazing and really talented. 

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itsbuddyholly whispered:Damnit, Presley! *laughs* Though I was supposed to be the big cat around here. 



Well, I’m sorry for stealin’ your spotlight. 


*laughs and nods* As much as it’s a miracle that these scars are fading. *rolls up his shirtsleeves to show deep, long scars from the crash*

*Eyes widen* Oh my God… that looks… really painful…

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-nods slowly- Uh, yeah… as in Mick and Bianca. 

Oh, so you’re Mick Jagger’s daughter? That’s neat! Your dad’s an amazing musician. 

Yeah, uh, that’s me. Though he’s more angry with me right now than anything. I did something pretty dumb. 

*Frowns a bit* Oh… what happen? 

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*laughs full-heartedly* True, true! Mate, I heard about fans climbing through pipes into your dressing room after a show, now that’s scary. I don’t know how you deal with that, I mean English girls are already a little off their rocker but those American girls.. wow, just wow. *jokingly wipes his forehead* I can’t believe you haven’t lost it on them yet!

*Chuckles* Yeah, ya know how fans can get at times, a bit too crazy. You’d understand though, ‘cause Beatlemania, wow… I heard this one gal tried mailin’ herself to y’all, right? Now that is just… insane.